Important note.

Dear designers managers and readers.
It is with some sadness but also a great joy that I am sending this notecard to you.
After almost three years blogging I believe it’s time to stop.
It has been difficult for me to follow the pace of blogging accompanied by the rhythm of RL work and I also feel that my mood has been changed and I can and SHOULD give up my place to good and new bloggers that we have on the grid.

I will not go sad because it was a wonderful experience and I thank you all for the trust and support given during this period …. Without your doors open I would never have conquered everything that I did! ♥

I will be keep making some shots time to time probably with some of your old and new releases since i do love taking shots so maybe you will hear from me sooner or later! 🙂

Thank you very much.
Maybe in the near future I will blog again but for now it will be better to take an indefinite break to rest, organize and enjoy a little more of this life.
I will be leaving the groups after sending this notecard to all of you.

Thanks to each one of you again because it’s never too much, you guys are spectacular.

With my best regards to you…
Gohan Danitz


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